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A message from Caden’s mom

We wanted to create a multi-sensory environment for children with special needs, typically those on the autism spectrum.  My son Caden is on the spectrum and after years of desperately seeking autism-friendly places to take him where he can learn and play in a safe environment, I realized that there aren’t any that fit our specific needs. Most places ignore sensory issues that are very common in autism.

Some autistic children have a sensory processing disorder and the sights and sounds of school and everyday life can be overwhelming for them. Others are under stimulated and constantly seek sensory things to self-regulate.

Caden’s lighthouse caters to all needs by providing a safe playground space with active areas, calming areas, and various types of sensory equipment for children.

Caden’s Lighthouse is also an ideal place for health and social care individuals to carry out assessments, interventions, and therapy without putting any stress on the child or parents alike. 

Autism families are connected through love, determination and most importantly, we become the voices for our children and we advocate for inclusivity, acceptance and awareness. We always show up even on the difficult days.

My goal isn’t just to provide a sensory therapy playground for children, my goal is to create a community of parents and children where we can all just be who we are without judgement. Where we can come together and create a better system for all.

We welcome YOU all.

Rachel, Caden’s mom.

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